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Aknenormin - reviews, price, side effects

Aknenormin is a drug recommended mainly to people struggling with persistent acne lesions of high severity. If the pimples on the whole face have a significant effect on lowering self-esteem and thus worsening the mental state, you have to react as soon as possible.

Price, opinions and side effects of Aknenormin are the most important thing, but before anyone goes to this stage, he should find out what the treatment is about. This is not an easy process. Len should be used in accordance with the instructions of the doctor who will carry out the treatment. During the course of treatment, tests are always carried out to check whether this drug does not cause negative effects in the patient's body. Treatment usually lasts from three months to a year. The specialist recommends daily use of the drug. Even you have to be careful about whether your face is washed at a given time. For this purpose, it is best to use delicate, non-irritating cosmetics. When a drug is prescribed by a doctor and accepted by this specialist, any problems to which it may lead will be eliminated or stopped in a timely manner. Therefore, under no circumstances should you opt for complete arbitrariness and use of the drug without informing your doctor.

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Aknenormin - price. How much does this acne measure cost?

Some say that Aknenormin is an expensive preparation for acneothers, that cheap. There is no rule in this matter. Everyone determines the price with their measure. Monthly treatment costs about PLN 100. However, it should be borne in mind that this drug is available in various doses - 10 and 20 mg. In addition, these tablets are packed after 30, 60, 80 and 100 pieces. All this affects the price. It should also be remembered that the price depends on the place of purchase. Depending on the point of sale can vary significantly. It is known, however, that the price is not the most important here. A much more important issue is the effectiveness and operation of the product, and this can already be learned from the opinions of people who had the opportunity to use this product.

Aknenormin reviews - what do users post on the forum?

Aknenormin is a drug that has many opinions, both positive and negative, and even neutral. All you need to do is look at the online forums or websites of selected thematic blogs to get familiar with them.

From reviews published online, Aknenormin is an effective acne treatment. Some write that it normalizes the process of keratosis and at the same time cleanses the skin from blackheads. In addition, it inhibits the formation of new ones. People using this product emphasize that it limits the secretion of sebum. They inform that they reduce the number of blackheads very well. Many people report that thanks to Aknenormin, inflammatory processes and irritations have been eliminated within a short time after starting the application. Some people liked that Aknenormin exfoliates the skin, causing scarring of the scars. There were people who, for example, said that this medicine brightened their discoloration. In fact, the product is touted.

Negative opinions are not fully justified. It is possible that they arise from completely different reasons than the improper operation of the preparation. Some people commenting on Aknenormin on internet forums say that the acne partially subsided, the number of pustules decreased, but this is not the effect they expected.

Aknenormin is a drug that some specialists recommend. They think that it is effective, safe in the right doses. Therefore, they recommend it to their patients, hoping that it will be strong enough to help them fight acne.

What do Aknenormin capsules contain?

The active substance is isotretinoin.

  • 1 capsule Aknenormin contains 10 mg isotretinoin.

The contents of the capsule: refined soybean oil, DL-alpha tocopherol, disodium edetate, butylated hydroxyanisole, hydrogenated vegetable oil, soybean oil, partially hydrogenated, beeswax yellow.

Capsule shell: gelatin, glycerol, sorbitol, purified water, Ponceau 4R (E 124), black iron, oxide (E 172) and titanium dioxide (E 171).

Possible side effects when using this product

The leaflet reads that you can not stay in the sun with Aknenormin. During the summer you even need to use cosmetics with a high filter. Under no circumstances should you use other drugs that exfoliate and dry to the skin. During treatment, a person who is burdened with the problem can not donate blood, do tattoos, laser hair removal or wax. It is necessary to emphasize that this drug is a teratogenic drug, so it can damage the fetus or increase the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, a woman who is under the influence of a drug can not get pregnant. Therefore, it is recommended to use oral contraception. Aknenormin is a drug that nursing women can not take.

The following categories form the basis for the assessment of side effects:

Very oftenMore than 1 on 10 treated people
frequent1 on 10 on 100 treated people
Uncommon1 on 10 on 1000 treated people
Rare1 on 10 on 10000 treated people
Very rareLess than 1 on 10 000 treated people
Unknown frequencyYou can not count

Common side effects resulting from the use of Aknenormin are primarily dermatitis, dry skin, exfoliation, conjunctivitis, dry eyes, eye irritation, rash, anemia, arthralgia, muscle pain, increased fats in the blood, liver problems.

Very often you may experience: headaches, haemorrhages, runny nose, dryness of the nasal mucosa, increase in cholesterol or glucose in the blood.

The effects such as allergic reactions, mental and neurological disorders, as well as liver and kidney disorders and hair loss appear much less frequently.

Very rare are the following side effects: bacterial infection, diabetes, convulsions, drowsiness, distorted color discrimination, hearing impairment or arthritis and bone disease.

People who intend to use Aknenormin should consult a specialist. Only he can determine if a person suffering from acne can opt for this type of treatment, this particular drug. Otherwise he will bear a very high risk. Check out more about Nonacne for acne tu.

In summary, the drug, which is Aknenormin is a powerful drug for acne problems in an advanced way. For some it is expensive, for others cheap, effective for many. Some just complain about its operation. There are also people who are afraid to use these tablets due to side effects. There should be nothing wrong with the doctor's supervision. However, it is known that caution should be used, appropriately prepared for this treatment, and as prescribed by the physician, take the medicine. Only this can protect the body against the possible risk of deterioration of health. When using Aknenormin, it is best to closely observe your body and how it responds to this drug. Undergoing regular medical tests and diagnoses, there is nothing to fear. You can only count on satisfactory changes, to cure the problem of acne irrespective of the level of advancement.

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Magdalena Bednarek is a practicing dermatologist from Krakow. He has XUMUM-a-year experience, besides the author deals with writing articles about the problem of acne and everything related to it.

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