Insomnia - how to fall asleep quickly. Effective methods for sleep

Some people complain that they can not sleep, others would like to have this problem, because they always have time for everything. In fact, however, insomnia is a dangerous condition that can lead to much more serious health problems. Therefore, people who suffer from it should be able to intervene as early as possible in an appropriate and timely manner.

Insomnia - what is it?

Insomnia is a condition that primarily consists of too short and in addition non-regenerative sleep. It leads to a significant reduction of the body's efficiency during the day. However, insomnia can only be discussed in specific situations - when problems with falling asleep occur at least three times a week for at least a month.

There are three types of insomnia, which is divided by the duration: insomnia insomnia (lasting up to several days), short-term (up to three weeks), and also chronic.

It is said that women more often suffer from insomnia than men. The research shows that people before 24 rarely report sleep problems. However, in people after 65, insomnia occurs very often.

It is worth remembering that unconscious waking up during sleep is something completely normal. Insomnia is only when the person who is struggling with it has trouble falling asleep, difficulty in maintaining sleep, wakes up too early in the morning, and this sleep does not ensure rest or relaxation.

It is worth mentioning here melatonin, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Is released after dark. It's called the hormone of darkness. It is produced in a cluster of cells deep in the brain. So when it gets dark, production of this chemical becomes active. At a sufficiently high level, man becomes more and more sleepy. The highest level of melatonin is observed in the hours between 24 and 3 in the morning. Melatonin deficiency can be easily supplemented. Just buy it in the form of tablets. Today, the choice of such products is quite large, so nobody will have any problem with it.


You can actually talk about the causes of insomnia for a very long time. There are quite a lot of them. It is worth mentioning the most important ones, with which we may come into contact on a daily basis, not having it in our consciousness at all.

One of the causes of insomnia are mental disorders. It's about states like depression, psychosis, or just anxiety disorders.

The second reason can be restless legs syndrome. This condition is cured. In turn, the lack of any reaction makes the body not only lack sleep, but also is doubly weakened. This causes a number of subsequent ailments and enormous discomfort.

Sometimes the sleep disorders are affected used drugs. Therefore, when searching for the cause of insomnia, it is worth checking what medicines and what you are taking. If necessary, consult your doctor.

Some suffer from sleep apnea, and it automatically affects insomnia. You should also consult a specialist with this problem. This disorder is definitely more dangerous than the lack of sleep itself.

Sometimes everyday life contributes to insomnia. It is about experiencing all sorts of things life events, emotions, stress or some fears.

People who have insomnia are often unaware diseases that their body is struggling with, and it is they who contribute to this condition. It may be, for example, heart failure or hypertension. Many have asthma, which also contributes to such discomfort or overactive thyroid gland. Sometimes it is only heartburn, which gives so much signs that it leads to difficulties with falling asleep and sleeping during the night.

It was also observed that insomnia can lead menopause. Women who go through her may have trouble sleeping.

If you think about it any longer, you could certainly mention a few other reasons. In the end, each person is different, each responds to different situations in a different way. Each body can behave differently. However, the most important have already been mentioned.

Ways for insomnia - how to quickly fall asleep

To start an effective fight with insomnia, you first need to diagnose what really contributes to it. Often in such a situation, it is sufficient to eliminate the factor causing these difficulties, so that you can automatically return to good form, good sleep. It happens, however, that it is not so easy to eliminate this cause. Then, if it is to help, of course, therapies with a psychologist or psychiatrist are recommended.

Some people choose the shortcut and decide to use hypnotics or simply to help fall asleep. Only thanks to them waking up in the morning, they can feel refreshed. It must be remembered that this is not a solution to the problem, but only to mitigate its effects.

It is often said that fighting insomnia should not focus only on one method. It is best to combine them, such as tablets and other pharmacological agents with psychotherapeutic treatment. Behavioral and cognitive therapy is a good example.

In addition, in order to sleep better and sleep well at night, care should be taken to ensure proper sleep hygiene. What does it mean? The idea is to remove all electronic devices from the bedroom, turn off mobile phones, remove the light sources and ventilate the room before sleep. You should also eat easily digestible dishes before going to bed.

In summary, insomnia is a very annoying ailment that can lead to wasting of the body, bad mood during the day and lower immunity. It can trigger a series of more and less dangerous diseases. It is therefore necessary to diagnose its causes as soon as possible and to act accordingly. It may seem very difficult, but it does not have to be that way. With the help of a specialist, you can finally solve this puzzle and, consequently, find an effective solution to the problem.

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