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OXY diet - assumptions and effects

So much is said about miracle diets and exercises on a slim figure, and it is forgotten that it is not enough to get a satisfying effect. You have to persevere in all this. Question - how? We think about it after the fact, when we realize that we no longer have the strength to continue to fight with unnecessary kilograms. Slimming primarily requires proper preparation. OXY diet - what is it, what are its assumptions and how it goes? About this below.

What is the OXY diet?

The OXY diet is a new protein diet. Its principles are similar to the principles of Dukan's diet. Its creators, on the other hand, believe that it has no such negative impact on the body. It's a three-phase weight loss system. Thanks to it, you can get rid of about 15 kg in 3 weeks. The ready menu, which was prepared by experts and intended for purchase, is based on the classic protein diet. It was developed by experts, which is why one believes that it is one of the most effective diets available online. The OXY diet assumes weight loss while protecting the kidneys and liver. It is supposed to improve the condition of the body as well as well-being.

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The OXY diet consists of three phases. Each of them lasts seven days. The basis in the menu of this method is OXY Shake rich in antioxidants. This drink consists of fruits of cranberry, kefir and wheat bran. It cleanses the body of toxins, cleanses the urinary tract and, consequently, neutralizes the side effects of the protein diet. It is mainly about fatigue, a feeling of heaviness, loss of form or problems with defecation. It eliminates kidney and liver problems.

The OXY diet has many advantages, but it turns out that not everyone can use it. Contraindications to its use are: pregnancy and lactation, kidney and liver diseases, stomach ulcers, kidney stones, diabetes, protein intolerance, increased values ​​of liver function tests, nutritional deficiencies, anemia, puberty, diet-related diseases.

OXY diet - stages of the diet

The first step was titled - detox. This is the moment of cleansing the body. Then you should eat fruits, vegetables and cocktails with different flavors. This is the time that prepares you for slimming.

Fat burning is the next stage of this process. Its purpose is to burn body fat. This is why the menu was constructed in such a way as to contain as much animal protein as possible. When it is delivered to the body in the right amount, it accelerates the burning of the said tissue. What's more, it does not cause side effects that occur with overdose of protein. Thanks to this, this diet does not burden the liver and kidneys.

The third stage - step - is intended to consolidate the obtained effects. At that time, vegetable protein appears in the diet. The menu is then enriched with dishes based on chickpeas, beans, lentils and peas.

Balacne is the fourth stage. This is the phase of balance between carbohydrates, fats and proteins. So you can eat cereal and fruit products.

The fifth stage of the creator's diet is called - stabilization. It's a return to normal nutrition. It is supposed to prevent the growth of body fat.

Before using diet OXY, you need to consult a doctor. It's just in case, for the sake of your health. The first stage of this diet is very similar to the Dukan diet, because it is based mainly on animal protein. The second one is slightly changed, because the main component of the diet is vegetable protein. The third stage is only a healthy, balanced diet that provides the right amount of nutrients that are needed to meet nutritional needs. Does the OXY diet have any disadvantages? Fast weight loss is not caused by fat burning, but by glycogen. This means that such a diet can lead to a yo-yo effect.

The OXY diet is mainly intended for owners of computers, tablets or smartphones, and therefore for anyone who dreams about getting rid of unnecessary kilograms. By buying this diet, clients receive not only a diet plan, but also access to helpful functions. Thanks to a modern application you can freely exchange meals, use the shopping list, and track your progress. The application tells you what to eat, how to prepare individual dishes. OXY is actually not just a diet, it's also a lifestyle. In the price of the package, the client also receives support for online nutritionists, as well as free access to OXY365 training. In addition, the application provides 10 guides and a plan to fight cellulite. The application is very interesting as a tool. The weight loss program itself is equally interesting and thus arousing the interest of a growing number of people. Many have already used this tool - this modern method, many people now use, and some still wonder about it.


In conclusion, the OXY diet was supposed to be a healthy diet from the beginning compared to the Dukan diet. Her assumption was that along with the next weeks she would introduce new ingredients, products, new dishes and at the same time lead to the loss of kilograms, and later also to maintain this weight. With its effectiveness it is like with any diet. For one gun, for the other it is not. Opinions are different on the Internet. Is it worth to follow them? Rather, yes. At least they are more objective. A carefully thought-out diet in the form of an application is a modern way of slimming designed for modern people. It allows for small modifications so that slimming is not only a tedious and boring process, but also a process full of hope for success, a positive ending and satisfying results. The OXY diet costs are also worth mentioning a few words. The creators divide it into three different variants. This also affects the price differences. It turns out, however, that many are able to pay even for the most expensive option of the OXY diet, just to achieve their goal. So prices do not discourage anyone. Few people are guided by the costs in this case. Effect is the most important thing. Is it worth to trust the OXY diet and its creators? We must answer this question ourselves.

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