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Maxigra Go - reviews, price, how to use, side effects

Maxigra Go is a generic Viagra drug and is available in three doses, 100 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg. This means that each tablet contains 50 mg sildenafil citrate or 100 mg sildenafil citrate.

Maxigra Go is an oral medicine that should be swallowed at least an hour before sexual activity; should be taken if necessary, therefore it is recommended that men take a single dose within 24 hours.

PolPharma - producer of Maxigra Go. According to their website, Polpharma is in the top twenty generic drug manufacturers in the world. The company employs over 7 000 people and has several production facilities in various countries, such as Russia and Kazakhstan. Polpharma focuses more on the production of non-prescription drugs and dietary supplements.

Maxigra Go - customer reviews. Does this measure really work?

Because the manufacturer claims to be one of 20's best generic drug manufacturers around the world, we expect a lot of good customer feedback regarding Maxigra Go.

Fortunately, we found three short customer reviews about this product and that's what these users have to say.

Maxogra Go reviews

Maxogra Go

Most of the comments from users were very short. We are really not impressed by the reviews we found because we are looking for more information, such as possible side effects and prices. Thanks to the limited information from these customer reviews, we decided to continue testing Maxigra Go in terms of prices and dosage.

Maxigra Go - price and dosage of the product for potency

As mentioned on their website, Maxigra Go is available in three different doses - 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg.

We found a website that sells 25 mg Maxigra Go for $ 5,83 for two tablets. This means that the 1 tablet costs about $ 2,80. This is not a bad price.

Most of the generics of Viagra have a price of $ 2-4 for the 1 tablet. It is still cheaper compared to the price of the brand Viagra, which costs about $ 8-12 for the tablet.

ManufacturerPharmaceutical plants of polpharma SA
Country of productionPoland
CharacterChewable tablets
Dose0.025 g
The active substanceSildenafil

How should I use it properly?

The product is intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Do not use it if you do not have erection problems and just want to have a longer erection. Using it for a reason can also affect performance and health. That's it nie is also for women and children.

Most doctors recommend the lowest dose for their patients. If this does not work, adjust the dosage accordingly. The agent should be taken orally at least half an hour before sex with your partner.

What side effects of Maxigra Go can cause when used?

There is a possibility that Maxigra Go works for somebody, while for some it does not. There is also a risk that some of the side effects may occur after using this medicine despite the lack of drug allergies. People using Maxigra reported headaches after taking this medicine. Some people have also reported a runny nose and back and muscle pains. These are common side effects of this medicine and are expected to disappear after a few hours.

This medication can also cause serious side effects such as pain in the chest and hearing loss. If you experience any of these symptoms, immediately contact your doctor and stop taking.

Applications with assessment

Maxigra Go is a drug and is known as the Polish Viagra. Comes from Poland, it is made by Polpharma. It is said that PolPharma is one of the largest generic medicine manufacturers in the world.

One of the things that we appreciate in the case of Maxigra Go is the fact that, despite the limited availability, it has customer feedback. Customers' opinions are very short and we are not convinced of their content. For these reasons, still we have doubts about the effectiveness and safety of this drugthat's why we admit him 3 rating on 5 stars.

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  1. 52 years. I suffer 6 years from dysfunction. After 30, after use I have red ears and face, strong pressure in the ears, stomach ache, headache, palpitations. He will never take this poison again.

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