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Simplic - a slimming cocktail. Opinions, effects, composition

The list of dietary supplements such as Simplic aimed at losing unnecessary kilograms, suppressing appetite and a few other positive activities for a person who loses weight is getting longer. It can be found herbal preparations, distinguished by natural composition, more and less effective, cheap and those definitely more expensive. Therefore, there is nothing else but to get acquainted with the ingredients, application effects and consumer opinions.

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Simplic for slimming - Composition. What does this remedy contain?

Speaking about the ingredients of the cocktail for slimming, which is Simplic, it should first of all be stressed that the composition is natural and hence, safe. Careful selection of ingredients is very important here. The proportions are also important. The manufacturer believes that he did everything in his power to obtain an effective product distinguished by the right composition. What ingredients did he hide in his product?

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The prickly pear fig is responsible for the main action of the cocktail. Has wide properties. First of all, it reduces appetite, and thus, effectively limits the intake of excessive calories. This component effectively controls the proper level of glucose in the blood. In addition, it very well supports fat metabolism. Simplic also contains fiber that has prebiotic properties. Provides a feeling of satiety. You can't forget about the presence of folic acid, which reduces tiredness and fatigue. In addition, it helps maintain proper blood sugar levels. The next ingredient is protein. Efficiently builds muscle mass. However, this is not all. Vitamin B6 contained in the product also helps maintain proper blood glucose levels.

The right ingredients contained in the cocktail in the right proportions may not make miracles, but certainly help weight loss, especially when these cocktails are drunk for better results in slimming, with regular exercise and diet. Such a composition can actually demonstrate the positive effects of this product.

Components1 serving 30 g% RWS *
Concentrate of whey proteins4,5 gFor any inquiries, We're here to answer you.
Soy protein isolate16 gFor any inquiries, We're here to answer you.
Milk powder6 gFor any inquiries, We're here to answer you.
inulin1 gFor any inquiries, We're here to answer you.
Powdered pear fruit100 mgFor any inquiries, We're here to answer you.
Vitamin E3,3 mg28%
Thiamine0,56 mg51%
riboflavin0,65 mg46%
Vitamin B60,72 mg51%
Folic acid132 g66%
Niacin5,9 mg37%
Pantothenic acid3,39 mg57%
Vitamin C19,8 mg25%
Vitamin B120,4 g16%
biotin50 g100%

*% RWS - Reference Intake Value

Nutritional value1 serving (30 g)100 g
Energy value442 kJ / 106 kcal1474 kJ / 357 kcal
Fat, including
Saturated fatty acids
0,66 g
0,39 g
2,20 g
1,30 g
Carbohydrates, incl
3,60 g
3,57 g
12,00 g
11,80 g
roughage1,56 g5,20 g
Protein20,91 g69,70 g
salt0,75 g2,38 g

Effects - what to expect during use?

What awaits people who are slimming down are, above all, effects. Everyone would like to see them almost immediately. Unfortunately, this is not possible. You must therefore be patient. What changes can this product lead to? First of all, it reduces the appetite, so you do not want to eat so much, and thus, do not think about snacks, sweets, and your favorite dishes. It is also easier to give up on them, even before having eyes. Another thing is weight control. With this supplement in the form of a cocktail you can easily control the weight of your body, and thus, do not lead to its growth, but on the contrary. The Simplic Cocktail gives you a feeling of fullness, so you just do not want to eat. Another effect of the regular use of this product is undoubtedly the support of fat metabolism. A very important change is also the fact that a person who loses weight and takes cocktails of this kind does not feel tiredness or fatigue. It is full of energy and strength to act, to continue to pursue your own, fight with unnecessary kilograms. As a result of using the Simplic cocktail, it is automatically maintained to maintain the proper level of sugar in the blood. All this leads to a slim figure and thus achieving the intended goals. Simplic cocktails are not difficult to prepare. There are many indications that a completely easy and convenient way can be achieved goals, bearing in mind the loss of kilograms.

Simplic cocktail reviews - what do users write about this product?

Looking for opinions on Simplic cocktails should not be difficult at all. They can be found both on internet forums and themed blogs about slimming. In the comments a lot is written about this preparation. Anyway, all you need to do is use the right slogans to get to the important information about the Simplic product without a problem. In any case, the opinions are positive, although sometimes someone is not entirely satisfied with the operation of this drug. It is therefore worth presenting a few original statements.

Simplic forum reviews

I was looking for something that would help me get rid of unnecessary kilograms. I had no idea what preparation to choose, and I knew that if he finally did not decide on something, the results would be miserable. I wanted to eat my favorite dishes, I could not resist them. I needed a supplement that would help me lose weight despite the small sins. When I started using Simplic cocktails, somehow I felt like having all these dishes and snacks. I did not want to eat so much anymore, I could refuse certain delicacies. In this way, in three months I lost as much weight as I dreamed.

Rather, I did not believe in the effects of preparations such as slimming cocktails. I thought it was just talking. When I started to prepare them myself - I mean Simplic cocktails - a lot has changed in my life. I lost a lot of kilos, I slimmed my figure. Not that they would be cocktails, but they helped me a lot. I was feeling full, not wanting to snack. I felt a surge of energy. I was more willing to exercise and I moved a lot. I think that with Simplic cocktails I quickly achieved my goal. That's why I would like to recommend them.

That's what user reviews look like. Experts' opinions are not worse. This may on the one hand testify to one that you should try this product. Cocktails are an unusual dietary supplement. They are usually associated with capsules. Fortunately, they are comfortable to prepare and are used quite nicely.

In summary, slimming is not a simple matter at all. All this is changing thanks to the appropriate supplements. Of course, these natural, safe but also effective effects are appropriate. Is this what Simplic is? These are cocktails that are gaining more and more popularity. They are easily available at many points of sale. They also have an affordable price. Their natural composition can be very motivating to try. Positive feedback also encourages at least a closer understanding of the product. Nevertheless, the decision to use or even purchase this product should be taken quite independently. After all, it's a very individual thing.

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