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Mass supplements - what to consider when choosing?

To build a perfect body, it's worth changing your eating habits, training systematically in the gym, and supporting yourself with a properly selected diet - this can be helped by mass supplements. Nowadays, supplementation is treated as an integral part of training. Thanks to it, in a much shorter time we can achieve the figure we dream about, and the right product selection excludes side effects. Regardless of whether you are talking about a beginner, intermediate or veteran exercise, new energy will always be useful and will increase efficiency during training.

By taking properly selected supplementation, we can exercise longer and more effectively, and our body changes at an express pace. Muscle mass is the goal of every exercising guy, sometimes it is not enough for a well-chosen diet and training. Frustration from too weak effects can be even greater when next to other men build impressive muscle mass in a much shorter time. Instead of getting tired and increasing the frequency of visits to the gym, combine workouts with properly selected supplementation. What mass supplements should you choose? We hope this article helps you make your decision.

The effectiveness of supplements on the mass

There are plenty of proper dietary supplements. They differ from each other in their purpose, operation, of course also in the composition or form in which they occur. We are only talking about legal and safe substances here. Among the many dietary supplements on the mass can be distinguished, e.g. testosterone boosters, carbohydrate and protein nutrients, protein nutrients or carbohydrate nutrients. Protein supplements are one of the most popular supplements for athletes. They are designed to provide protein to the body, which, by breaking down in the digestive tract to amino acids, are used during training to build muscle. The most important thing is to provide exogenous amino acids, as these cannot be produced by the body. A very important subgroup is branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), especially leucine, which begins building muscle proteins. Protein supplements have specific assays that indicate the origin of the protein. And so we distinguish:

WPCWhey protein concentrate. It is obtained by the micro- and ultrafiltration. The composition of this protein has a lot of exogenous amino acids, including leucine. The other ingredients are fats and sugars. This protein is usually the best in taste and is one of the cheapest. They are also characterized by absorption time, which is the longest and lasts up to 4 hours. These properties make them the best protein to take after training.
WPI Isolates. They are also obtained by microfiltration. Such a purification process means that the preparations contain as much as 95% protein and even more exogenous amino acids than concentrates. WPI have very few sugars and fats (up to 3%). This composition causes that this protein is quickly absorbed by the body and can be used after training as an ideal source of protein. Isolates are much more expensive than whey protein, they also taste much worse. However, the almost total elimination of sugars puts them high, especially since it is tolerated by people with lactose intolerance.
CCPHydrolysates. They are obtained by hydrolysis of long peptides into shorter ones, they are very well absorbed, almost immediately. Hydrolysates are suitable for people with lactose intolerance, contain up to 100% protein. These proteins have very good solubility, unfortunately they are the most expensive on the market. This protein can be used regardless of training times.

Which mass supplements are better to choose?

Recently, preparations that stimulate the production of testosterone naturally have gained great popularity. Titanodrol is an example of such a preparation. These types of products provide the body with substances that stimulate the production of testosterone and growth hormone. These compounds are crucial because they are responsible for the increase in muscle mass. The more of them there are in the body, the faster it grows. One important remark: the described preparations DO NOT CONTAIN testosterone or growth hormone, only substances that SPEAK their natural production by the body. Therefore, products of this type are fully available, despite the fact that they give very effective results.

Mass supplements - composition

There are many mass supplements on the market. What ingredients are the best to pay attention to?

  • D-aspartic acid (DAA) or other testosterone booster - a substance that stimulates the production of testosterone in the body. In this way, you can build the right muscle mass faster.
  • Creatine - is one of the basic compounds building muscle mass, which brings results quickly. On the market of mass supplements, creatine enjoys well-deserved success. It works in such a way that it increases energy, muscle strength, optically additionally exposes muscles.
  • Beta-alanine - supports creatine very much. Beta-alanine helps in the synthesis of carnosine, which supports the body's endurance. Carnosine promotes acid-base balance and thus muscle acidification is delayed. Thanks to beta-alanine, exercise capacity is increased, so that muscles can be more stimulated to grow.
  • L-arginine - thanks to it the body produces more growth hormone. In addition, L-arginine has an effect on nitric oxide. This substance performs a very important task, because it helps transport nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. Such energized muscles can work more efficiently and simply stronger.
  • Guarana and caffeine - they add energy that can be used at the gym. Thanks to them, workouts are easier.
  • Cayenne pepper - supports metabolism and supports fat burning. Getting rid of excess fat allows the muscles to be exposed.

Of course, this is not all substances that can help build a properly masculine figure. The aforementioned Titanodrol contains, in addition to d-aspartic acid, e.g. another testosterone booster - ground mace. This plant also has an additional effect, similar to L-Arginine, that is, it supports the supply of valuable ingredients to muscles.

Safety and effectiveness of mass supplements

When choosing supplements for mass, you must first look at the composition. It's best to choose those that have as many ingredients as possible from those listed above. Be careful of additions that increase the price, and are not necessarily needed. Regardless of the choice, you also need to be interested in safety, and exactly whether the product gives any side effects. It's best to choose one that is based on natural ingredients and therefore safe. Once again, we can mention Titanodrol here as a good example of such a product.

Where to buy mass supplements?

Supplements can be easily ordered online or bought at the sports goods store. Buying through the official website is often the best choice, if only for 2 reasons. First of all: in times of all kinds of fakes, we are sure that we are buying the original, working specimen. Secondly, manufacturers often offer special promotions, rebates and discounts, e.g. when buying more than 1 packaging. This allows for greater savings.

Mass supplements - which one should you choose?

It's best to choose products that have a natural origin, do not give side effects and are well absorbed. Titanodrol is our overwhelming favorite. Dozens of positive reviews and opinions on the Internet testify to its effectiveness and safety. Most of the users achieved the intended effects and confirmed the effectiveness, no side effects and the high quality of the ingredients.

The effects that Titanodrol gives:

  • rapid growth of muscle mass
  • more energy
  • regeneration
  • higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone

By providing the right ingredients, Titanodrol increases testosterone and growth hormone production by up to several dozen percent.

Mass supplements - possible side effects

If we follow the information on the packaging of products for building muscle mass, side effects should not appear at all. You should pay close attention to the composition, because, for example, pre-workout products increase blood pressure, so they should not reach for people with circulatory problems. The use of creatine by people with kidney disease, aggravates the condition of the kidneys. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, read the ingredients carefully, choose a supplement for your body, and side effects will not be your problem.

Mass supplements - price

The prices of products for building muscle mass, depending on the type and composition, range from several dozen zlotys, up to several hundred, e.g. Titanodrol currently costs PLN 95 per packaging.

Mass supplements - user reviews

"Titanodrol is my best choice. I used many supplements, but it was not until I noticed real changes in the appearance of my figure. The energy that accompanies me during training is not comparable to that before supplementation. I can train harder and longer. And this is just an additional effect! The best thing is that my figure has really changed. The weight increased much faster and harder than before, and I haven't changed the method of exercise much. My body has never been in such good shape. And this is thanks to Titanodrol. "

Marek, 29 years

"My trainer was surprised when I told him that I didn't take any supplements and told me to order Titanodrol right away and just watch my form go up. I look better than ever in my life, I decided to do bodybuilding seriously. Try and see, it's only worth doing under the guidance of a professional. " Kacper, 33 years

Kacper, 33 years

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